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My inspiration

All of my inspiration comes diligently from  my precious family"THE HOLY TRINITY...FATHER, SON AND HOLY very dear friend the precious and lovely Holy Spirit breathes upon me and I'm enlightened with ideas and advice. I am always in prayer concerning what it is that the LORD would have for me to do for him. My life has been turned totally over to the LORD. I am a vessel to be used how ever the LORD sees fit. Many times During prayer the Spirit of the LORD will give me a topic, he will give me certain bible verses and quotes that he has for me to share in my writings. When I am inspired to do anything concerning the books, for me it's all about the precious Holy Spirit and what can help draw others to the truth.of Christ Jesus. 

LORD of the supernatural(out of the occult and into the arms of Jesus)

This is an Excerpt from my book "Whom The Son Sets Free Is Free Indeed":" I was a very young child when my grandfather Joseph Harris was working on the  heating vent for the house. My grandfather had built his house from the ground up and he was always working on the house doing something new. All of the family was at home and  I as walking towards the vent. I wanted to know more about that big hole that was on the floor so I decided that I would step my foot in it to see what would happen. I was young at the time and small enough to fit in the hole. Well when i did,  I went right through the floor and I fell right through the house floor and right into the  basement.

I can remember falling through some fluffy stuff which I  now know to have been insulation and as I came through the insulation I fell into the arms of an angels wings. These wings were very huge and the angel caught me and then placed me gently on the cement floor. All of a sudden I could hear the water running onto the basement floor and I heard a bunch of people running down the basement stairs and screaming oh my God, oh my God are you alright. And they were checking my body to make sure that I was okay.  I can remember thinking to myself that I was fine but that they were the ones who were hurting me.. well that my dear friend was my very first encounter with an angel that I can actually remember.

 Growing up I was very prophetic. I knew what was going to happen to who and when it was going to happen. I knew who was going to die, I knew what the daily number was going to be. I spent a lot of time speaking with my angels and to God, however I never knew who Jesus was really. I just knew as a young child that God was the boss of the angels. I didn't know of anything about the Holy Spirit either at this point in my life. My angels were there for me  for several accounts of my life."  whom The Son Sets Free Is Free Indeed is available now at


Welcome to my page. I'm so glad that you decided to stop by for a visit. Allow me to tell you a little about myself. My name is Mattia Lajuan Bolton however I was born under the name of Mattia Lajuan Harris. I grew up in the town of Middletown CT, I  had a very complex childhood. I grew up very connected to the spiritual realm. I had a hard time trying to explain all that was actually happening to me as a child. There was only one person who was able to walk me through a small part of my supernatural experiences as a child and this was my grandmother Betty Harris.

She helped me as much as she could but eventually, i just went off on my own and allowed nature to take it's course in my life because I didn't want to be a bother with millions of questions every single day. I was very curious as to why I had a relationship with the angels and why I was able to talk to the dead when they would come to me to ask me why they had to die and where were they going to go from here. I was not sure myself as to what I should tell them, nor was I sure exactly why they were coming to me to ask me these things, I really didn't know what to say. 

When I was a child I would look at them and simply say to them while shaking my head " I don't know"  There have been many times when I would leave my body and travel and do all sorts of things in the supernatural realm, These things were not normal to the average person, I shared my experiences the very few close friends that I had, other than them, I just kept  my life secret of the supernatural realm quiet.  While trying to explain my situation to church clergy and others I was never able to get the help that I needed.

Eventually as I got older I was tired of walking in this life and not having straight forward answers as to what was happening in my life. I had been going through this life in this manner for such a very long time and I just really thought that it was time that I really found out what was happening to me. One day while i was walking past a store I saw some ancient arts, African arts etc in a store window. I went in and I asked the man who owned the store if he knew who God was. This man replied to me, yes ! So I told him a little about my situation and he told me that he did know God. He told me of his god named Allah and he took me under his wing and I served Allah for several years and followed in this way of life. I continued to seek deeper revelations of life and the spiritual realm, for I was still seeking answers as to who I truly was as an individual.

 When it was all said and done I had served many different gods and had bowed to many different idols and had believed many different fallacies. One evening  I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit in 2001 and I became a born again Christian in 2002 and walked through a long road of deliverance to get rid of all of the spiritual darkness that I had encountered in my life, the demonic forces that had attached themselves to me and the spiritual bondage that i had come under.... Today I am a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, I am a part of  a deliverance ministry and I have a passion for assisting those who are lost in spiritual darkness, Paranormal, Mysticism, Witchcraft, Voodoo and many other kinds of spiritual bondage.

I walk according to the word of God when helping others and I am a firm believer in Jesus the Christ and i have accepted him as my Lord and savior. I know that there is healing and deliverance in Christ Jesus. I am a bible believing Christian and believe in the Holy Trinity. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I know personally that Jesus heals, delivers those who seek to be delivered  and that he is a forgiver of  all of the sins of man ! No matter what it is that you have done in your life, no matter how bad your situation is just know that it is never too late for you to receive Jesus as your Lord and savior. Allow him to remove you from a lifestyle of sinfulness and bring you into a life of righteousness.

It doesn't matter how many gods you have served, what you've done, what you've said or where you've been. Jesus is the sacrifice for the sins of the world ! If you haven't received Jesus as your Lord and savior, you can do so today. Just ask him to come into your life, denounce you old gods, idols,and your old ways, ask Jesus to come into your heart right now. For tomorrow isn't promised to any of us. Please Know that we are praying for you. We love you ! God Bless !


When I was a very young child I always loved to read. I enjoyed writing. I loved pencils and the way that they felt in my hand. I enjoyed writing things and then erasing them again. I seemed to be so intrigued by paper and i always wanted paper, pencils and erasers. When I was a little girl my grandfather Joseph Harris had a ton of books at his house. In the basement there were shelves as long as the walls and they had lots of books, encyclopedias, dictionaries etc. I would go down into the basement and bring a bunch of books upstairs and my grandmother Betty Harris would say to me. Tee, you better read every single on of those books .


 She would fuss at me for bringing books upstairs that had lots of dust on them. I didn't realize it at the time, but I was really making a mess for everyone else to clean up when I left to go back home. My grandfather use to tell me that I didn't need to watch television because the people on TV have made their millions and that I was only making them rich by watching them all day. He would tell me that i was to get a book and to read it. I would say to him , grandpa, I want to watch t.v and he would say to me "No you don't" I never really understood why he would say that as a child , in my mind i was thinking, yes I do , I really do want to watch t.v.


My grandfathers idea of life was to read a book and if I did that them I could do anything in life. He said that if I read a book , then I would actually be traveling to those places that I had read about. Besides going outside to play with the chickens, horses and other farm animals, my life at grandfathers was about books. I loved to journal and as I got older, I never stopped. I use to write for hours at a time and I was happy when I  wrote. As the years past  I got really sick in 2005 and a woman who was an author and a Prophetess said to me ,"you are going to write number one sellers" I thought  to myself, this could not be possible, I don't write books, I'm sick, my life is a mess and I've lost everything that has ever been dear to me.


I said to her, I don't know about that because that isn't something that i want to do. I told her that this wasn't even something that I had ever thought of doing. She said to me again, Yes I am so sure, you are a number one seller, You are going to be an author of many books. As time went on the Spirit of the LORD began to give me a desire to see my work in print. I began to see how my experiences could possibly help someone else. Under the guidance of the precious and loving Holy Spirit, I began to take all of the things that  I journaled over the years and I  had lots and lots of paper, scriptures, life experiences , pain and sorrow on paper.


 Then the Spirit of the LORD began to lead me to compile all of my issues and situations together, and from there the prophetess that had originally prophesied to me that I would write books, linked  me to a self publisher who could help me to bring this vision to pass. I began to write even the more. All of the writing that I do is Holy Spirit lead. The Spirit of the LORD leads me and guides me in all of my writing. I can feel his overwhelming presence. Gently and patiently he helps me to write for the people of GOD.


My typical day is one of much prayer, I'm an intercessor and a minister of the gospel, sharing the gospel of Jesus the Christ is my first love. I don't write on my own accord so when the Spirit of the LORD leads me to write, then and only then do I write. For me, I will simply say that I am available for the LORD; at all times. This is my desire. This is my great pleasure.


All of my topics for writing are given to me by the Precious Holy Spirit... a dear friend to me, Most of my topics are life experiences that the Spirit of the LORD has inspired me and strengthened me to write about so that others may be helped.


wow there are so many things that I love to do. I enjoy walking, doing hair,reading, praying is a favorite for me, writing, swimming, I like to play tennis, mini golf, bike riding, singing, spending time with family, spending quality quiet time with the LORD. There are many more but these are some of my interests.

 LORD of the supernatural (out of the occult and into the arms of Jesus)

Hello!!! I'm so glad that you've stopped by. I am so excited about my very first published  book. I've decided to share some excerpts of my book below. Check it out!!





Mattia was born on the 14th day of February. At birth, she was given the name Mattia Lajuan Harris. As a young child, she walked in the supernatural. She soon realized that she was very different from others in her family. Actually she wasn’t like anyone that she knew. Mattia saw things that others didn’t see with their natural eyes. She was always talking to spiritual beings that she later learned were angels. Not having many people understand her, she found herself lost in the things of the church. Mattia had no knowledge of "who", the GOD of the church really was because of these experiences. When she tried to gain an understanding of her experiences by confiding in church members and clergy, out of ignorance they shunned her and treated her as a throw away. Mattia began to believe that she didn’t belong to the same GOD that they belonged to because they had no knowledge of her spiritual experiences. They had no knowledge of her GOD. When Mattia became a teenager, she walked away from the church to find her true spiritual identity. "While on this journey for spiritual truth," she became a faithful member of a well known occult. Things began to change drastically for her when she was introduced, rescued and befriended by a spirit being that later on revealed himself to her as the Holy Spirit. The rescue took place one evening while she was attending a spiritual class. The class was being held at an occult compound on Shady Dale Rd in Eatonton Ga. Mattia began to be taught the ways of the LORD by the Holy Spirit. However, she learned that this process came at a very high price. She learned that Lucifer grip was deeper than she realized. Come and walk through this process of how she went from a life in spiritual darkness and confusion to a life of salvation through Jesus Christ. My friend, your deliverance is available only through Christ Jesus.



                        DEMONIC POSSESSION TAKES PLACE



It was late in the evening when my family and I returned home from an outing. We had a wonderful evening together; we were tired and ready to get inside and call it a night. Once the children got out of the car and into the house I could hear them from the drive way saying out loud yuck mommy, ill, what’s in here? I walked in after them and I began to get very sick to my stomach. I felt as though I was going to vomit. The children began to say mommy this house is making me sick what's in here? I looked towards the back hall way and I could see twelve demons; they looked as though they were coming from my bedroom. They wore very dark black garments and they were very dark as well. Thump, thump, thump…I could hear them marching; they sounded like soldiers do when they march on the pavement. I watched these demons march throughout my entire house. They would go from one end of the house to the other end. Their march was loud in the spirit realm; as they marched I could hear them chanting in a language that I did not know. Their energy was so demonic that it seeped out like smoke from a burning furnace. It smelled like burning caucuses.  They spoke in tongues and when they did it was kind of like a song -chant. I felt overwhelmed and I asked the children to please go and get ready for bed. I told them that it was late and that I needed to seek the LORD for direction concerning this matter. Immediately the Spirit of the LORD reminded me of the scripture that reads that he inhabits the praises of his people. At that moment I began to sing songs that glorified Jesus. I worshiped the Lord for what seemed to be an eternity with great passion, adoration and love from way down in my heart. I thought that it would be best if I stayed in the living room; it was close to the children’s bedroom. I needed to be close to them just in case they cried out. Grabbing my stomach I slouched over the couch because I could no longer stand up; the demons totally over powered me. I lay there on the couch and continued singing songs of praise; all of a sudden the presence of evil became even the stronger. It seemed as though these demonic forces were not intimidated by my worship or my Lord. For the presence of evil was so very strong; It not only made me sick but it made me very weak. As I sang praises unto the Lord; all of a sudden in the middle of my living room floor there was a beautiful and yet huge angel. She was very large and lovely. She spoke to the chief demon in an authoritative tone of voice saying… you have to leave. The chief demon replied to her “where can we go”? The angel of the LORD replied to the demon, “I don't care where you go but you have to get out of here!” The demons left immediately. My home became livable once again and I was at peace in our home. I rejoiced out loud as well as within my heart; that was when I was told by the angel that I should rest because these demons would be back to try me again. She said that if I wasn’t strong enough to endure on the next time around; I would not be able to contain what they would do to my house and my children. I carefully listened to what she said and I told the LORD thank you. I gave the angel my thanks and she said that all thanks belong to Christ Jesus who had died upon the cross for my deliverance to take place, and for the others that would come for deliverance afterwards. She gave me her blessing of peace upon my house and I went to sleep right away.





Almost Bitten (Jesus was my vampire slayer) The book!

I'm so excited about my new book which will be out in the winter of 2013. In this book; you will gain insight on the spiritual deceit that is taking place in the lives of young Christian children. Satan is deceiving even the LORDs children within the church walls with his cunning and manipulative practices. Are vampires real? Do people really practice such a thing? In my book I will discuss some serious topics concerning the occult and so much more.


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